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2016/2017 Scholarship Recipients

Meet the 2016/2017 recipients of the RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship! These 15 young change makers were awarded $10,000 towards their post-secondary education in recognition of their passion to lead and inspire positive change in their communities. The Students Leading Change Scholarship is a part of the larger RBC Future Launch initiative, aimed at helping remove barriers and providing access for young people to learn skills, gain valuable work experience, share knowledge and build resilience for the future of work.

Category 1 (Graduating High School or CEGEP)

Anthony De Clara
Anthony De Clara Hamilton, Ontario

Anthony believes in creating positive change by promoting the universal language of classical music. He has volunteered with his local youth orchestra at retirement and nursing homes to bring music to his community through concerts. By pursuing a degree in Music at the University of Ottawa in the fall, Anthony hopes to promote equality and unity through music in his community and the world.

Emma Field
Emma Field Coquitlam, British Columbia

Emma has a special passion for spoken word poetry which she believes helps people to not only share their personal experiences but sheds light on social and political issues. She has worked tirelessly to intiate school clubs and facilitate spaces in her community and school for writing and performing poetry. Emma will be pursuing a major in Biology at the University of Victoria in the fall.

Kofi Agyeman
Kofi Agyeman Toronto, ON

Kofi has participated in the Model United Nations Team , Safe Schools Action Team ,W.A.V.E.(Working-Against-Violence-Everyday), and Youth Action Team; proving his commitment to improving the lives of youth. He believes that these contributions will show youth the importance of education and leadership over violence and crime in his community. Kofi will attending Laurentian University in the fall to pursue further studies in Kinesiology.

Megan Christensen Megan Christensen Abbotsford, British Columbia

Megan has worked to integrate students with developmental disabilities in her community. She has led several initiatives in her school and has been part of organizations such as Special Olympics, Challenger Football etc., to support this cause. She will be pursuing Criminal Justice as her major at the University of Fraser Valley this year.

Kathy Nodzynski Kathy Nodzynski Pierrefonds, Quebec

Kathy believes that books have the power to change a community. She has successfully initiated the "DAER project" in her community to enable sending used books to rural communities in India in the hope of encouraging literacy. Kathy will be attending McGill University to pursue studies in Physical Therapy in the fall.

Emma Landry
Emma Landry Elmsdale, Nova Scotia

Emma is passionate about educating the community on rights for the LGBTQ+ community. She is a member of the Gender Sexuality Alliance in her school and hopes to create an environment where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, feels safe and accepted. Emma will pursuing BSc. in Computing at Queen’s University this fall.

Caterina Fusco
Caterina Fusco Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Caterina is involved in outreach for high-risk youth in her community. She currently works with organizations like the "Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth" Initiative to keep high-risk youth away from drugs and violence, and reconnect them to their schools and communities. Caterina will be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in the University of British Columbia in the fall.

Tegan Aguinaga
Tegan Aguinaga Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia

Tegan will be starting her Engineering degree at the University of New Brunswick in the fall. She is actively involved in the resettlement of Syrian refugees through organizations in her community. She believes that helping and reintegrating these families will not only help them re-build their lives but have a positive impact on the community they live in.

Category 2 (First Undergraduate Degree or Diploma)

Stephanie Daoust
Stephanie Daoust Victoria, British Columbia

Stephanie is currently a 3rd year medical student at the University of British Columbia. One of her goals is to improve patient safety in health care environments. She works on reviewing data collected on patient safety errors to educate current and future hospital staff to maintain a safe and error-free environment for the patients.

Erica Noonan
Erica Noonan St. John's, New Foundland

Erica is passionate about changing the misconceptions about people with disabilities in her community. She works with several organizations such as War Amos of Canada, Easter Seals etc., to inspire other people with disabilities and to share insights with health care workers on how to overcome challenges faced by disabled persons. Erica is currently pursuing her Nursing degree at Memorial University.

Dong-Ho Lee
Dong-Ho Lee Vancouver, British Columbia

Dong-Ho is actively involved in promoting awareness regarding visual health in his community. As a 3rd year medical student, he is aware of the lack of attention given to visual health especially in marginalized communities. He organizes visual health workshops , outreach programs and awareness booths and is involved with public health organizations to rally change towards this cause.

Nicholas Waltenbury
Nicholas Waltenbury North Bay, Ontario

Nicholas is a political science student at Western University who is passionate about creating opportunities for youth in Northern Ontario.He is dedicated to creating community mentorship programs that will link youth in smaller, rural towns with other students and community leaders from bigger cities to inspire an exchange in experiences and opportunities for local youth.

Robert Celik
Robert Celik Toronto, Ontario

Robert’s goal is to provide innovative solutions for equitable food access in his community and the world. He is currently working with a local entrepreneurship incubator for a cricket powder consumption pilot project and has attended urban agriculture conference in Altlanta to share his ideas on converting urban green spaces into food production environments. Robert is currently pursuing a B.Sc in Geography from Western University.

Maria Romina Calotes
Maria Romina Calotes Winnipeg, Manitoba

Maria will be pursuing a career as a Prenatal Nurse Practitioner at the University of Manitoba this fall. She is passionate about spreading awareness on prenatal care with a focus on decreasing the number of babies born with deficiencies linked to the prenatal period. She hopes to spread her message through her nursing career, volunteering at her local community hospital and educating rural communities.

Kim Ryrie
Kim Ryrie Calgary, Alberta

Kim is a 2nd year nursing student at Mount Royal University. Her inspiration to become a palliative care nurse came from a personal experience in a hospice where she saw the exceptional level of care and compassion of the nurses towards patients and their families. Through her current volunteer efforts at her local hospice, Kim hopes to educate the public on support and services available for those who are terminally ill and their families.